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Biochar Technology

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 High Plains Biochar Technology was created with the intent to aid the world in the quest to remove carbon from the atmosphere.  Our patent pending RocketChar biochar furnaces utilize rocket stove technology to create biochar from wood chips, wood pellets, corn, crop residues, and other biomass. 


Made in Laramie, Wyoming, this is the worlds first continuous rocket stove designed specifically for the production of biochar.


It is also one of the most energy efficient Because this biochar technology does not require electric fans for moving air.  The power consumption is only a fraction of the other technologies available making this among the most energy efficient continuous biochar technologies in the world.  It is truly the Prius of biochar equipment.  This is real carbon negative technology for the real world!

Most existing biochar technology uses significantly more energy than our RocketChar furnaces.  Most require lot of electricity for fans to move air, do not utilize the heat produced, require fossil fuels to operate, or the or even use electricity to heat a tube. 

The RocketChar 301 will process 8-15 gallons of fuel per hour and yield varies from 15-30% depending on the feedstock.

Download the RocketChar Spec Sheet by Clicking on the PDF Icon or keep Scrolling Down to view online. 

Rocket Char

Spec Sheet

Watch: Rocketchar 301 Biochar Furnace Start to Finish 

Watch: Rocketchar 301 Biochar Production Unit Overview

Watch: Rocketchar 301 Biochar Production Unit FAQs

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