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Biochar & Regenerative Agriculture 

Biochar and regenerative agriculture go hand in hand as natural ways to improve soil health while reducing required inputs like fertilizer and water. The other benefit of combining biochar and regenerative agriculture is waste utilization as things like wood waste, agricultural waste, and other waste biomass can all be used to make biochar. When farms and ranches have a need for heat such as greenhouses and shop buildings during the winter then producing biochar
really makes sense as utilizing waste while generating heat, biochar, and carbon credits can provide significant financial benefits all while building soil carbon levels. Because biochar is a very stable form of carbon lasting thousands of years and because it is easy to weigh, the carbon credits from biochar are worth well over $100 per ton, which is significantly more than most other soil based carbon credits.


Video Biochar in Regenerative Agriculture

Biochar Use As A Soil Amendment

Biochar can be used as a soil amendment to increase water holding capacity, reduce fertilizer runoff, boost production, etc.. This can be accomplished by various methods including blending biochar with manure before applying which is quite popular. Greenhouse growers can blend biochar into their grow mixes. Biochar hyper stimulates the growth of living microorganisms in soil. It creates a microbial super hotel for transforming dead soil into living soil. .

Biochar Use In Seed Mixes Including Cover Crops

By mixing biochar in with seed when planting you can maximize the benefits with biochar right next to the seed which helps hold moisture and improves germination all while requiring no extra equipment or steps. In the future adding biology and nutrients to the biochar from things like compost tea to the biochar will enhance benefits.

Biochar Use In Manure Management

By adding biochar to manure odor can be controlled and more nutrients retained. This can be accomplished by adding biochar to the pens and letting foot action integrate it into the manure or simply adding biochar to manure before spreading the manure.

Biochar and Bale Grazing

By combining bale grazing with biochar, soil can be enhanced when biochar and manure and incorporated into the soil with hoof action. This works great on unproductive areas of a field where biochar can be applied on the surface, then a bale set directly on top. The biochar, manure, and seed from the hay are all incorporated into the soil with hoof action.

Biochar Use In Animal Feed

Biochar can provide a wide variety of benefits for animals when fed in small amounts.
Removing toxins that build up, boosts to immune systems, improved milk output, reduction of methane, and more have been documented in various studies.

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