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The Path to a Sustainable Future

High Plains Biochar is creating the first biochar co-op in which members can generate income from carbon credits by producing biochar. High Plains Biochar offers two carbon-negative technologies that enable anyone with biomass (such as wood chips) to create both heat and biochar, a charcoal-like substance typically used as a soil amendment. The co-op will remotely monitor the amount of carbon that is produced through data collection, verify the carbon credits produced, and distribute carbon-credit payments to individual member producers. 


Better for Farmers, Better for the Planet

Our technology allows farms to utilize waste that they have on site while converting it into biochar which can be used as a soil amendment where it's sequestered for thousands of years.

Innovation - Driven Solutions

Carbon credit markets are another way for farms to generate income from sustainable practices.


Data-Powered Agriculture

Our remote operation feature allows users to monitor equipment from anywhere with an internet connection while also allowing us to verify the carbon credits generated.

Next Generation Technologies

Converting biomass into heat, biochar, and carbon credits has never been easier as our technologies empower individuals and groups to remove carbon from the atmosphere.


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Founded in Chadron Nebraska

We started producing biochar on a commercial scale in 2016 at our location in Chadron Nebraska.   Utilizing waste from the Pine Ridge National Forest. 



Move to Laramie Wyoming

In 2017 we moved to Laramie Wyoming to have better access to the biochar markets in Colorado as well as abundant wood waste form local sawmills.  

Recent News

Biochar CO-OP

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